Landlord CP12 Certificates

For all your landlord safety checks to boilers, fires , hobs , cookers and water heaters.
We can supply you with a cp12 certificate for all the gas appliances in your properties.(only exclusions being oil or lpg) We can carry out these checks each year and send you a reminder before the existing certificate expires, so that you always have an up to date certificate, for piece of mind.

Q. Does the installation of a new gas appliance require a new certificate?
A. No, provided it has been installed by a gas safe engineer and a cp12 is carried out yearly on the property.

Q. Should a new landlord cp12 be issued for every new tenant?
A. Yes, when tenants vacate premises, landlords need ensure that gas fittings / appliances are safe before re-letting. Tenants may have removed appliances unsafely and may result in gas leaks.

Q. Where can I get more advice from?
A. Advice for landlords:


Gas Safe Registered

All our engineers are Gas Safe Registered and can produce identification at any time.

Gas Safe

Always request to see an engineer identification.